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  • Run Free Pro BIO
  • Run Free Pro BIO
  • Run Free Pro BIO
  • Run Free Pro BIO
  • Run Free Pro BIO
  • Run Free Pro BIO
  • Run Free Pro BIO
  • Run Free Pro BIO

Run Free Pro BIO Voice Coaching Wireless Running Earphones

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Run Free Pro Bio, world's first A.I. Earphones with GAIT Analysis technology to monitor your running form and provide real-time voice coaching.

…the headphones’ sensors track a host of different parameters integral to good form and preventing injury: cadence, step length, step width…Ideally, this should help people who have to be mindful of existing injuries and really, prevent injuries from happening to begin with.

These sweat-proof earbuds and the accompanying app are like having a running coach in your head while you’re logging miles.

…headphones measure (among other things) speed, distance, cadence, maximum leg force and balance, to keep track of your running style. Thankfully, both are sweat- and water-resistant too.

Beflex BiomechEngine®
for Collecting
Biomechanical Data
Improve Running Efficiency
Minimize Risk of Injury
Our Beflex BiomechEngine® tracks your running form using GAIT ANALYSIS PARAMETERS. Head Angle. Vertical Oscillations. Cadence. Step Width. Symmetry. Shock.

For advanced runners, form is everything. And good form helps prevent injuries and enhances your performance.

That’s why SOUL introduces the Beflex BiomechEngine®. By analyzing your running form, the RUN FREE PRO BIO not only provides real-time suggestions that enhance your running efficiency and minimize the risk of injury but also a list of data for your review after every run.
Real Time Voice Coaching
Using Biomechanical Data Collected in Real Time, The RUN FREE PRO BIO A.I. Coach Offers Suggestions to Improve Running Form
The RUN FREE PRO BIO are the first earphones built with our customized Beflex BiomechEngine® to provide real-time A.I. coaching.

Perhaps your foot strikes the ground too hard. Our A.I. coach will suggest that you land more softly. Maybe your step width is too wide. The coach will help you fix that too.

The RUN FREE PRO BIO’s real-time voice coaching feature minimizes the risk of injury and enhances your running efficiency by helping you become the best runner you can be.

Sound Quality
Your New Running Partner Has a Stunning Sound
The RUN FREE PRO BIO provides you with an immersive sound experience wherever you are: in the gym, on the track, or anywhere on planet earth.

Adjustable Sizes
The RUN FREE PRO BIO Fits Everyone
Interchangeable ear locks fit any ear, creating the perfect seal so the RUN FREE PRO BIO stay on even during your toughest workout.

Take the RUN FREE PRO BIO Anywhere
RUN FREE PRO BIO are designed with Nano-coating technology to provide the added protection from exposure to sweat and water, with an IPX5 water-resistance rating. Enjoy your RUN FREE PRO BIO anytime, anywhere, and under any condition.
LED Light and Reflective Cable
To Keep You Safe, Day and Night
Not only can you take the RUN FREE PRO BIO anywhere,
but the LED light and reflective cable protect you from oncoming vehicles and cyclists
during your nighttime run. Now you can run at anytime, day or night,
and be confident in your safety.
Up to 11 Hours of Playtime with 2 Hour Charge
Go the distance
Run with the assurance that RUN FREE PRO BIO has enough power to go the distance—run up to three marathons on one charge.

And when the run is completed, charge the RUN FREE PRO BIO in the time it takes to watch your favorite movie.
Stay Connected
Don’t Miss a Beat
With Bluetooth 4.1, Run Free Pro Bio keeps you connected at a distance of up to 10 meters. The built-in mic from Run Free Pro Bio means you will never miss a call.
- The Ultimate Upgrade
You’re a runner. We get it. We know you work hard every day, and we know your daily runs are what keep you going.

That’s why we are proud to introduce the RUN FREE PRO BIO. The new Beflex BiomechEngine® tracks biomechanical data while you run, and the Real Time Voice Coach suggests ways to improve your form—all of which minimize the risk of injury and enhance the running efficiency.

Some earphones can make your run better. The RUN FREE PRO BIO, with its A.I. voice coach and Beflex BiomechEngine®, will train you to be your own best running coach.
SOUL FIT provides runners with real-time voice coaching function to maximize their running efficiency and minimize the risk of injury. The voice coaching function is based on the biomechanics data collected instantly from each run. And the data does not only include step counts, distance, speed and time, but also every aspect of your running motion with SOUL FIT and compatible earphones from SOUL.

19W x 17H x 32D (mm)

Bluetooth version
Bluetooth 4.1 + EDR with apt-X, BLE Beflex Biomech Engineer

Maximum Input Power

Speaker Diameter
Operating keys
Volume Control, Play/Pause Music, Answer/End Call

Bluetooth Profiles

Battery Life (Talk or Music time)
Up to 11hrs (Varies by volume level and content) / Up to 5hrs when Beflex Biomech Engineer is on (Varies by volume level and content)

Frequency Response

Bluetooth Range

Driver Type


Washable / Sweat resistant
Sweat resistant (iPX5 and Nano coating)

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